Maciej Wyrodek

Maciej Wyrodek

Automation TechLead, TestArmy

Company: Displate

Stream: С

Time: 11:00 - 11:45

Country: Poland

Language: English

Talk: Comparison of Playwright and Cypress from PoV of its biggest weakness

About Speaker

Maciej for several years has mostly been working as a Test Automation Expert and Test Architect. He is a seasoned tester who can’t stay long in one place. He is looking for perfection and a place to challenge his skills. He gathered experience working for different companies with different working models, From small to big corporations, From Product via Inhouse development to software house. Thanks to that he has a wide perspective on testing quality and delivering value. During his 2 years long stay in Dublin while working for Kobo he realized his passion: Knowledge sharing.
His strong belief is that what makes us human is the ability to learn and share knowledge.
That is why for the last 5 years he has been doing his best to give back to the IT community, by writing articles, recording videos and speaking on conferences.

Talk: Сomparison of Playwright and Cypress from PoV of its biggest weakness

Story of Javascript Javascrpt End to End testing frameworks is long and complicated. For years protractor was one of the most recognizable one. But with team its existence lost meaning and drowns into obscurity. Currently the king on the market is in few short years it dominated the marked. But things constantly change and in last few years Playwright came into scene becoming and great alternative.
Both tools have different philosophies behind how they work. In theory both serve the same purpose but do it slightly different. Both have different limits and restrictions, and we will focus our presentation at it we will look at how those limitations shape which framework will work better for us.